O&G Mergers and Acquisitions 

We are the company that brings people together 

O & G Mer​gers and Acquisition is a solution for smaller to medium size business that either want to gow in the most efficient way or for  business owners who want or need to retire and want their legacy to continue in a way that suits their employees  and secures their retirement .

Often smaller businesses struggle with  the first and the last circle of their business ,growth and exit . the result is often that small business plato out and stop growing. 

Small businesses sell mostly under value or equity alone ,leaving a business owner with little or no return on investment and sometimes difficulties to secure a financial viable retirement.

To prevent the waste of business opportunities,  valuable human resources  and growth potential we as O & G are the" go to place" for entrepreneurs in any stage of their business cycle.      

Only personal contact matters when it comes to trust 

One of O & A core values is the personal contact to our clients , we believe it can't be established in the digital world of Zoom and social media .For this reason our M & A specialists visiting approximately 5 to 6 thousand  businesses in person every year to find the right candidates for you whether you are planning to buying or selling a smaller business.

Analytical services to find the right fit.

After we establish a possible fit we offer a comprehensive analysis and fact finding process on both sides to determine the possible opportunities ,risks and benefits of the  merger or acquisition .

We conduct a 40 point analysis of the business wich is mandatory to proceed .

This is a risk reducing fact that every Investor appreciates and reduce the risk of buying an underperforming company that is not the right fit bor a buyer    

True Value and Tax strategy

Often there is a lack of understanding ,about the true value of small business ,our fact based validation service brings the true value to the surface. It is part of our analytical services and determines the real value of a business for different buyers ,the most common mistake in M & A of small business  is a wrong perception of value. Another under estimation is the Tax strategy,we minimise the Tax impact on transactions .

Expansion and Growth

O & G is  a partner after the transaction.

We provide our Clients with suggestions to integrate and grow the acquired business and unleash the full potential and synergies of mergers supported by us .

A Few Words About Us

O & A Mergers and Acquisitions consists of experienced business analysts ,consultants and tax experts we started working together in 2017 and build an client base that enables us to build relationships with thousands of small to medium size business in all Canada,   With this Asset we started our Merger & Acquisition mission to bring businesses and people together based on trust,respect and knowledge.