O&G Mergers and Acquisitions Corp.

Enterprise Services 

Bringing Good Businesses and People Together

O & G Mergers and Acquisitions Corp. is a solution-based company for small to medium         business owners who want to grow their companies efficiently or who are looking to retire and want their legacy to continue in a way that is beneficial to their employees while securing their own retirement income.

Currently, most small businesses are sold through real estate agents. These agents focus on the value of the property and assets only. 

 O & G Mergers and Acquisitions Corp. not only appraises the value of these assets, but also focuses on the current and potential performance of the business. This results in the owner getting the highest possible return on their sale and securing the succession of the business. together 

Trust the Personal Touch

The core value of O & G Mergers and Acquisitions Corp. is personal contact with our clients. We believe trust is best established by meeting face to face with people. For this reason, our Merger and Acquisition Specialists are visiting five to six thousand businesses every year to find the right candidate for your sale, purchase, or merger.

Risk Reducing Analytical                 Services

Upon finding a suitable fit, we offer an optional 40-point comprehensive analysis for both the seller and potential buyer. This identifies possible opportunities, risks and benefits of the merger or acquisition. This is a valuable tool to provide transparency and trust between buyer and seller.  

Establishment of True Business Value and Tax Strategies

Often, small business will underestimate their true value. Our fact-based validation service helps small businesses determine this value and create a clear understanding of its true worth.

O & G Mergers and Acquisitions Corp. also helps businesses with tax strategies to minimize tax impact on transactions.True Value and Tax strategy

Post-Acquisition Expansion and Growth

O & G Mergers and Acquisitions Corp. is a partner after the transaction is completed. We provide our clients with suggestions to integrate and grow the acquired business and unleash the full potential and synergies of your new business.