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Our procedure :

1. Basic assessment  of  issues and opportunity's  

2. Detailed  status quo analysis of the business on side .

3. Strategy building to address issues and pursue opportunities

4. Implementation of the strategy to ensure an fast and smooth procedure performed by our skilled  consultant and mentors on side .

5. Long term guidance as needed, to support your success.

We are always there for you ,and always on your side.

Helping Business to get out of  stalemate positions. 

We are helping business that are slow or with no growth, to overcome this situation and return  to success . 

We are creating the platform for  adjustments  that leads to natural growth and prosperity.

Important Key Performance Indicators , do you have them under Control?

1. Financial performance

a. Cost control ,fixed and variable cost of the business and overhead.

b. Job calculation and real cost per unit or service.

c.  Budgets for important cost centres 

d. Employee efficiency measurement and impact on the bottom line 

e. Cash flow management

f. Profit management and financial reserves.

2. Operations and HR 

a. Systems ,controls and Procedures 

b. Performance measuring 

c. Work flow

d. Automation and robotics 

e. Workers morale,accountability and motivation 

f. Performance, incentives based salary system 

3.Strategy for Tax savings and Grants

a. Tax filing

b. Tax credits

c. Tax breaks

d. Corporate structure

e. Grants

4. Marketing strategy

a. Target marketing

b. Social media 

c. Sales team

d. Signs and location

e. Media

f. customer incentives